PMG Holzhandels GmbH is a timber trading company operating throughout Europe. Founded in 2005 in Villach, southern Austria, we’ve been supplying companies in the wood processing industry for over 15 years. Our main customers come from the paper and wood-pulp industry, and the sawmill and panel industry.

We’re committed to building lasting relationships founded on trust and respect. Over the years, we’ve developed a stable, cross-border network of long-standing suppliers and customers.

Aside from our strengths in timber trading (we buy and sell roundwood and sawmill by-products in all qualities and quantities), we also have a wealth of expertise in timber logistics and harvesting. In partnership with our skilled harvesting specialists, we can arrange any kind of timber transport and will always find the most suitable and efficient solution.

Choosing the mode of transport and the best route for your timber is often a logistical challenge – one that requires specific expertise. We’re familiar with the many options available and arrange reliable transportation for our customers every day. Thanks to our long-standing, professional partners and our own transportation equipment, we can always respond quickly and cost-effectively. And since we operate our own fleet of rail freight cars, we have guaranteed access to transportation.

Whether your wood travels by rail, road or water, we’ll ensure that the process is as cost-effective as it is smooth. And we’ll always strive to bring the most value to everyone involved.

Our skilled and motivated team is here to support you with its expertise and deep market knowledge. Contact us to start a rewarding collaboration today!

We see ourselves as an experienced, deeply rooted link between forest owners and the wood processing industry.


We take a highly professional approach to all of our business-related activities and ensure that we always comply with agreements made with our customers.


We are able to accept nearly all the types of timber available and, at the same time, meet specific demands and ensure a continuous supply to the wood-working industry. THROUGHOUT EUROPE.


We place great value on sustainable and long-term business relationships, which form the core of our success.

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